60 Places to Use Your Brand Photos

I hear it all the time… “I’m not really on Instagram, so do I really need to hire a branding photographer?  Do I really need photos for my business beyond a headshot?”

The answer is YES!  ABSOLUTELY!!  The number of ways that you can use your brand photos are endless.  While this list may not necessarily touch on the “HOW” to use them, it will definitely get your wheels turning on the “WHERE”.

60 Places to Use Your Brand Photos

  1. Advertising
  2. Bio Headshots
  3. Blog Posts
  4. Book Covers
  5. Brand Board
  6. Brochures & Handouts
  7. Business App
  8. Business Cards
  9. Computer/Phone Wallpaper
  10. Contributor Photos (Blogs, Podcasts, Speaker)
  11. Course Manuals
  12. Directory Listings
  13. E-Commerce
  14. Email Newsletter
  15. Email Signature
  16. Event Invitations
  17. Facebook Ads
  18. Facebook Headers
  19. Facebook Notes
  20. Facebook Posts
  21. Facebook Profile Photo
  22. Facebook Stories
  23. Facebook Video Thumbnails
  24. Google Listings
  25. Guest Blog Posts
  26. Instagram Ads
  27. Instagram Highlight Buttons
  28. Instagram Posts
  29. Instagram Profile Photo
  30. Instagram Stories
  31. Landing Pages
  32. LinkedIn Articles
  33. LinkedIn Profile
  34. Magazine Submissions
  35. Media Kits
  36. PDF Guides
  37. Pinterest Graphics
  38. Pinterest Headers
  39. Pinterest Profile
  40. Podcast Graphics
  41. Postcards & Mailers
  42. Presentation Slide Deck
  43. Press Releases
  44. Press Submissions
  45. Pricing Guides
  46. Product Listings
  47. Product Packaging
  48. Promotional Print Materials
  49. Store Displays
  50. Thank You Cards
  51. Twitter Header
  52. Twitter Profile
  53. Website Banners
  54. Website Buttons
  55. Website Photos
  56. Website Pop up
  57. Welcome Packets
  58. YouTube Header
  59. YouTube Profile
  60. YouTube Video Thumbnail

You never know where people may first come across your business, which is why it’s so important to make sure that your photos accurately represent your brand across ALL platforms and avenues.

Did you find this list helpful?  Are you starting to see the potential value behind investing in photos for your business?

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